Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Funny things u can do w/ a gas-filled ballon

Dinner @ fridays

Well this is what i call a big bed...

As u know,the beds in
our first stay were small,veeery small. Even 4 me;-)

Is this a dog or what?

While walkin thru the park we met a lot of cute lil n big dogs

Waitin 4 the bus 2 leave

The guy with the sunglasses is a member of the band

Fuerwehr uebig

Don't jump!:-o

Beautiful view

Thank god we had great weather...

Gabriel is givin an interview 2 mtv

Our own band

Kanye n britney interview 4 mtv

Amy winehouse look alikes at the photoshoot

The london eye

Big Ben

Can u see the snow?:-o

Walkin down holland park

Sony ericsson is bringin us 2 secret place 2 take a group pic

Kanye west is in da house!

Gettin ready 4 the press pic

Do i look alike nelly furtado?:-P


Gud mornin!

Wakin up 2 early.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our german couple christoph n claudia

This pic was taken in a pub,prince blablabla, i had to leave as i orderd a beer(yes a beer:-o).4got my ID!:@

My supersize bed

I'm sharing the room w/ my swiss girls,girls from austria n's quite small n full w/ our bags,but comftable n enough for me to get some hours of sleep. Gud nite!

Snow rain in london

Its f****** cold!

Phone instructions at the hostel in london

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

100 die-hard music fans on their way to the MTV Europe Music Awards ’08 in Liverpool